Our mission is to provide full support and assistance on ISO management systemís registration, and, maintaining and improvement of organization. The reliability, the quality, the support and the follow up of our service make us one of the best consulting firms on the ISO 9000 registration in India. We support our clients with the best training and coaching services and strive to exceed their expectations.
Phases Of Certification
We have a Three Phase approach towards getting your firm ISO 9001:2008 certifications.
The Phase I includes Assessment of existing system via ISO 9001.Development of quality policy and objectives, and appreciation of program for the top management is also done here. Next, we draft a plan for continuous improvement and formation of a core group which helps us in better functioning. Awareness programs of these core group members are essential to keep them updated about the ISO policies. We also provide training services on Quality Management Systems (QMS).
In Phase II development of documentation addressing ISO 9001 is done bringing along other documents into the system. Reviewing the final documentation, releasing and facilitating its implementation is an important part in this stage.
Phase III involves training on QMS audit and suggests measurement of improvement. Internal audit rounds are held here. Closing on non-conformities observed during audits and fine-tuning of QMS and improvement is a part of the auditing system. Lastly pre assessment and internal assessments are held to assure the clearance of the audit before the certificate is being given.
We aim to create the best value for organization with our consulting services and training sessions with best possible services. Thus when YOU CHOOSE US, WE IMPLEMENT and GET YOU CERTIFIED
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